#315: Australia’s Asylum Seeker Policy


Download podcast #315: Australia’s Asylum Seeker Policy

The 315th La Trobe University podcast interview is with Mary Crock, Professor of Public Law and Associate Dean (Research) at the University of Sydney.

Mary Crock has worked in immigration and refugee law since 1985 and has authored 8 books, reports and articles in this field.  She helped establish and run the Victorian Immigration Advice and Rights Centre Inc in Melbourne and is an Accredited Specialist in Immigration Law. She was a guest at La Trobe University to speak at an Ideas and Society event on expectations of the Abbott Government in asylum seeker policy, the economy, and climate change.

Mary Crock‘The present Coalition government, is they’re trying to reintroduce all of the policies that John Howard put in place in 2001,’ says Crock. ‘The problem that they face is that the key elements of those policies, namely push-backs to Indonesia, probably won’t be capable of being carried through with, for the simple reason that Indonesia in 2001, because of the shock of 9/11, we were able to get agreement with the Indonesian government, both in terms of what they would let us do, but also in terms of what they were prepared to do to work with us to stop the boats. That we are some way off being able to achieve today.’

This podcast is part of the Australian Politics collection, and there’s lots more at La Trobe University on iTunes U.

Feature image is of Manus Island regional processing facility, from Flickr by DIBP Images.

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